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Alzheimer’s Disease – How the Caregiver Can Stay Strong and Healthy

Any caregiver responsible for caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease knows how overwhelming, exhausting and stressful life can be. As the disease progresses, so may your feelings of helplessness, depression and anxiety.

For example, you may feel a sense of loss because the relationship that previously had existed with the Alzheimer’s patient is no longer there. You may also feel isolated from family and friends because your daily activities focus on caring for the patient.

Additionally, you as the caregiver may have to deal with an Alzheimer’s patient whose personality and behavior can become unpredictable.

During this time, it is critical that caregivers look after their own physical and mental health. Below is some helpful information to help you stay strong and healthy.

Take Time for You!

Make sure you schedule some regular time each day to relax or do something just for you. Doing so does not mean you’re giving up your important role as the primary caregiver. In fact, you’re helping to improve the quality of life for both you and your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Devote a few hours each day to handle your own personal needs. This will refresh you, and help you provide loving care over the long term.
  • Make sure you eat properly, get enough rest, and exercise on a regular basis.

Don’t Go it Alone

You can get different types of valuable support from different sources:

  • Talk about your feelings with friends and family.
  • Seek out local support groups where you can discuss your situation with others who really understand what it’s like.
  • Learn more about the disease from medical professionals who are able to give you the right answers to your questions. If you don’t know a doctor experienced in Alzheimer’s, call us at 1-718-298-7800 and we’ll help you find one right in your community.
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