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The following article was published in Queens Jewish Link.

Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation recently welcomed the New York Police Department’s Ceremonial Band for a riveting jazz performance. A couple of months ago, Officer Peterson Leny came in to see Linda Spiegel, Director of Public Affairs for the center. Officer Leny explained that he regularly passes the rehab and was curious to see their work. Spiegel explained that they house 200 residents. The officer described the department’s jazz band, explaining that it launched in 1932 and continues to spread cheer today. “It’s like the best kept secret; we all need to know about this,” stated Spiegel. “For you to do what you do for all of us resonated deeply.” Spiegel was touched by their rendition of “America the Beautiful,” noting that with everything going on in the community, it had greater significance. “We know that you’re there for us and we really appreciate you going out of your way to come in the middle of your day for our residents; it’s a very special and fun initiative.”

A group of people in wheelchairs watching a band playing musical instruments

“Thank you so much for making us super happy,” said Ricardo, Director of Recreation. Miss Marion Gates, President of the Resident Council, spent three hours in dialysis but still managed to attend, stating on behalf of her fellow residents, “This performance shows us you guys do a great job around the city. I don’t know how to thank you enough. I made it back here and I’m happy. I thank you. I praise you. I magnify your name.” Miss Gates concluded, “Today is a day to recognize Mother’s Day, and for all the mothers and those that are not mothers, I say thank you.” The Queens Jewish Link extends happy birthday wishes to Miss Gates, who celebrated her 79th birthday the following day.

Mrs. Chana Pfeifen, a Holocaust survivor, offered her appreciation. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. G-d should watch over you.” The officers thanked the residents for their participation and acknowledged their tough plight. “You all are stronger than all of us. I hope we can come back and do it again for you guys.”

The band kept the audience dancing to the beats as they sang classics including, “Bésame,” “Can’t Help,” “Fly Me,” “Boardwalk,” “Blue Monk,” “Moondance,” “My Girl,” “Unchained Melody,” “Chameleon,” “Just Two of Us,” “Ain’t Too Proud,” “Old Time,” “Hound Dog,” “Superstition,” “Uptown Funk,” and “America the Beautiful.”

a group of people playing instruments

The facility extends appreciation to NYPD Jazz Band Community Outreach Program Director P.O. Johan Gil, and officers Jonathan Perez, Jeremiah Serrano, Peterson Leny, Mario Buscemi, Nestor Barrera, Daniel Catalano, Nick Grein, Kenshin Furuta, and Marvin Collins, and sound technicians Erich Stolz, Tristan Bailey, and Joseph Ko. A special note goes out to Officer James Brennan, who played the trombone and serves in our local 107th police precinct. Thank you for always keeping us safe.

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