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The month of Tishrei at MTC: 

From Rosh Hashana through Simchas Torah, the spirit of the Jewish Holidays was in the air at MTC.

Many thanks to the young rabbinical scholars of Yeshiva Chovetz Chaim who helped make all of the programs so successful.

The beautiful Rosh Hashana services were attended, enjoyed and appreciated by many of the residents here at MTC (as were the hot kiddushes each day that followed the prayers).  

Full Services for the moving Yom Kippur prayers, beginning with Kol Nidrei and ending with the blowing of the shofar following Ne’ilah were also well attended – and appreciated – by our residents.  

Following the High Holidays, MTC moved right into the Holiday of Succos. Our comfortable and beautiful Succah hosted many festivities. The Prayers on the first days of Yom Tov, Shabbos Chol Hamo’ed, and Shmini Atzeres were all followed by hot Kiddushes with the Yeshiva boys helping serve and mingle with the residents in the Sukkah. On Chol Hamoed, our Rabbi hosted our annual Succos get together with our Residents in the Succah.  

Simchat Torah prayers were enhanced with the boys dancing with Torah – and the residents! The entire Yom Tov brought so much joy and happiness to our residents! The feedback from the residents was heartwarming. Only at Margaret Tietz! 

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